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Surveillance camera captures Clearfield brothers doing the right thing

CLEARFIELD — Just about every day, 7-year-old Eli Squire and his 5-year-old brother, Bronx, are on the hunt in their Clearfield neighborhood.

"We like to look for bugs mostly," said Bronx.

On Saturday, they headed to a friend's house to play, as they do almost every day.

"We were going to a Pokemon battle," Eli said.

The two boys didn't get far before they found a little treasure — some money and a toy at the end of a neighbor's driveway. What happened next could only be called a test of character.

"I had a speech," Eli said.

The neighbor's surveillance camera picked up the audio of the boys' conversation.

"Do you want to keep it, or do you want to do the right thing to do?" Eli asked Bronx.

Without hesitation, Bronx responded, "I want to do the right thing to do."

So they did.

"Instead of keeping the money, we returned it," Bronx said.

They knocked on the door and returned the treasure to its rightful owner. When the neighbor watched the video back, she just had to send it to the boys' mother.

"I was pleasantly surprised about their cute little conversation and they decided to do the right thing," mother Becky Squire said. "Just having that integrity, that's an example to me. My kids are examples to me in the biggest ways."

When it comes to doing the right thing, it doesn't always matter how big or how little that thing is.

"It was actually just a quarter they found," Becky Squire said with a chuckle. "But in our house, a quarter is kind of a big deal because if they are not kind or if they don't mind, then they are fined a quarter, and so they are always trying to find ways to earn a quarter. They are looking through couches for a quarter, so a quarter is a big deal."

"Do the right thing to do," Eli repeated Thursday.

"That's kind of our new saying at our house," Becky Squire added. "Do the right thing to do. You can hashtag it."