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Utah is a millennial hot spot, and here's why

The tech industry has been buzzing about Utah over the last few years. And this may be for a few reasons.
The tech industry has been buzzing about Utah over the last few years. And this may be for a few reasons.
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A new report from WalletHub found that Utah is a pretty good place for millennials to live.

The report, which came out on Tuesday, ranked Utah as the sixth best state in the country for millennials. North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa and the District of Columbia ranked in the top five.

Utah stood ahead of Wyoming, Wisconsin, Colorado and Nebraska within the top 10.

West Virginia ranked dead last for millennials, followed closely by Mississippi, Alabama, New Mexico and Arizona in the bottom five, according to WalletHub.

Utah’s high ranking came as a result of its millennial homeownership rate (fifth highest in the nation) and its percent of millennials in the state (third highest).

To find this, WalletHub compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia on 24 metrics, including millennial employment, homeownership rate, millennial voter turnout and share of millennials.

Young people in Utah have often been touted for bucking national trends, according Utah Foundation report. The 2015 report found Utah has the second-highest homeownership rate among those 18-to-34 years old.

"A lot of it just comes out of the fact that we get married younger and we have children younger, and if you are married or if you do have kids, your likelihood of being a homeowner just increases," Mallory Bateman, research analyst for the Utah Foundation, told the Deseret News. "Since we have younger people doing that, that's going to impact our millennial group being homeowners."

Last week, a report from ranked Utah as the 19th best state for millennials, ahead of Missouri, Michigan, Alabama and Maryland. looked at the job market for millennials, the millennial population in the state, access to the internet and fitness facilities.

Like the WalletHub report, North Dakota ranked first in the nation. South Dakota, though, took second instead of third.