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Bees beaten by Isotopes, 11-1


SALT LAKE CITY — Albuquerque opened its Salt Lake roadtrip with a line of 11 runs, 18 hits and zero errors. Only an incredible performance by Salt Lake could have overcome the Isotopes' bats Friday night. Instead, the home team laid the proverbial egg.

Former Bees pitcher Barry Enright pitched over six innings of one run baseball, Carlos Estevez, Jairo Diaz and Jerry Vasto combined to throw two and a third scoreless innings, and Albuquerque defeated Salt Lake 11-1.

The Isotopes plated runs in all but two innings, the fifth and the ninth, while, except for a solo home run by Nolan Fontana.

“Obviously we lost the ball game, but there are positives to pull out,” said Bees manager Keith Johnson. “(Parker Birdwell) gave up six runs, but there are a lot of things he did out there that you can build upon.”

FREAKY FRIDAY: The Bees and Isotopes, or rather the Gulls and Dukes, took the fans at Smith’s Ballpark on a trip down memory lane Friday night. It was '70’s night at the ballpark, with the requisite garish uniforms to boot. The Gulls donned bright orange unis, while the Dukes showcased their lurid yellows.

The Gulls and Dukes both were a part of the PCL in the '70’s and '80’s, from 1975-1984. Salt Lake claimed the league title in 1979, while Albuquerque was the champion in 1978, 1980, 1981 and 1982.

After the 1984 season the Gulls moved from Salt Lake to Calgary, where they became the Calgary Cannons. In 1985 the club moved again, this time to Albuquerque, where they became the modern day Isotopes.

The teams celebrated the '70’s earlier this season, with much aplomb, on a Salt Lake road trip to New Mexico. The Dukes were victorious in that contest, edging the Gulls 12-5.

WAIT, WHAT?: The brash uniforms caused a bit of confusion early on, costing the Dukes an early out. Midway through the top of the second, Cristhian Adames and Domonic Brown accidentally switched positions in the batting order, with Adames stepping up to the plate first. The Dominican infielder singled, at which point Brown moseyed into the batter's box. Just as Brown was about to take his at-bat, Keith Johnson noticed the change in the official batting order and protested. The umps conferred, and Brown was called out for batting out of order. As for Adames, he took his real at-bat, an earlier single wiped from the record, and drew a walk.

The confusion did little to help Salt Lake, however, as Albuquerque went on to plate two runners in the inning, Adames being one.

PRETTY IN PINK: Orange is not the only variety of jersey worn by the Bees this season. Camouflage, pink, gray and black uniforms have all adorned the backs of Salt Lake players, to mixed results.

The Bees have sported their black uniforms the most this season, 32 times in fact, and are 16-16 in those games. Gray comes next with 13 games under its belt, a stretch that includes eight Bees victories. Salt Lake has worn its white’s uniforms 11 times, to the tune of a 7-4 record, while the camouflage units have brought two wins and one loss. Not to be forgotten, pink stands as the most triumphant of all Bees uniforms, with a 1-0 record.


Isotopes - 11

Bees - 1

In short: The Isotopes plated a run in all but two innings in the dominant win over Salt Lake.


Up Next: Albuquerque RHP Matt Flemer (2-5, 7.76) at Salt Lake RHP Luis Diaz (1-3, 8.00), Saturday, 6:35 p.m.