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High school boys soccer: 2017 2A All-State Team

Note: The Deseret News picks Mr. Soccer and the MVPs, but the remainder of the all-state teams are based on coaches votes.

Here's a look at the 2017 Deseret News 2A all-state soccer team as voted on by the coaches.

Class 2A


Alessio Tufano, Layton Christian, Def., Jr.

Solid defender with great balls skills. Has a very powerful kick and strong when carrying the ball out of the back.

2A First Team


Jovani Trejo, Millard, Sr. — 24 goals, 12 assists

Zeb Farmer, South Summit, Sr. — 18 goals, 15 assists

Marcelo Holanda, Layton Christian, Sr. — Led team in assists, second in goals

Sebastian Oliver, Layton Christian, Jr. — Led LCA in scoring


Antoni Frontera, Layton Christian, Sr. — Controls the middle of the field

Brayden Staples, South Summit, Sr. — Heart of team, 7 goals

Trey Provost, Rowland Hall, So. — 5 assists, technical player

Aaron Trejo, Millard, So. — 8 goals, 8 assists


Spencer Howells, South Summit, Sr. — Led D that only allowed 11 goals

Daniel Frutos, Manti, Sr. — Effective box-to-box, 8 goals

Simon Logue, Rowland Hall, Jr. — Anchored defense with 1.21 GAA

Drury Cauby, Beaver, Sr. — Great defender, never stops


Nick Beasley, South Summit, Sr. — 10 shutouts, only allowed 11 goals

Jake Dreyfous, Rowland Hall, Jr. — 1.07 GAA, heart of team

2A Second Team


Taylor Brand, Maeser Prep, Sr.

Lincoln Augenstein, Summit Academy, So.

Vitalik Mylar, Intermountain Christian, Jr.

Cortlan Olson, Manti, Sr.


Joseph Valle, American Leadership, So.

Jordan Josse, Millard, Sr.

Jorge Lemus, Manti, Sr.

Josh Augenstein, Summit Academy, Sr.


Guillermo Frutos, Manti, Sr.

Isaac Briganti, Providence Hall, Sr.

Manuel Burillo, South Summit, Jr.

Parker Stevens, Millard, Sr.


Davis Bagire, Layton Christian, Sr.

Abdi Ochoa, American Leadership, Fr.

2A Honorable Mention


Thomas Kirkham, South Summit, Fr.

Osvaldo Gutierrez, American Prep, So.

Gabi Cheng, Wasatch Academy, Sr.

Ethan Packer, American Leadership, Sr.

Oscar Celis, Parowan, Sr.


Evan Smith, Summit Academy, So

Nathan Banza, American Prep, So.

Tanyon Allred, Emery, Jr.

Marco Cruz, Grand, Jr.

Travis Gale, Parowan, Sr.

Hai Trinh, Wasatch Academy, Jr.

Manuel Gonzalez, Wendover, Sr.


Carson Fox, Millard, Jr.

McKinley Card, South Summit, Sr.

Matthew Krueger, American Leadership, Sr.

Jacob Huntsman, Emery, Sr.

Kyle Laughbon, Intermountain Christian, Sr.

Nathan Davenport, Summit Academy, So.


Homero Gutierrez, Millard, Sr.

Justin Bawden, Manti, Jr.

Michael Leonoff, Wastach Academy, Sr.

Jonathan Lathrop, Intermountain Christian, Sr.