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Letter: What's happening to America?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

I have been disturbed at the level of anger and animosity coming from the liberals and the media toward conservatives and President Trump. Kathy Griffin holds up a facsimile of a Trump severed head (ISIS-like) dripping with blood. A theater in the park in NY presents a play portraying Trump as Julius Caesar and he gets knifed to death on stage. The late-night comedians are constantly insulting and demeaning Trump without consequence with crude language. A crazed gunman checks to ensure it is Republicans who are practicing baseball for a charity event and then shoots a Republican congressman with intent to kill other Republicans when stopped by capital police. The NY Times and the Washington Post print false articles about Trump requiring retractions since they use anonymous and undocumented sources. Mr. Schumer in the Senate and Ms. Pelosi in the House daily excoriate Republicans in vicious and loaded language. What is happening to my America?

Gina Pulsipher