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Ogden airport to offer flights to Las Vegas and Los Angeles

ODGEN— Allegiant Air announced Tuesday that it will now be offering flights from the Ogden-Hinckley Airport to Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

“We’re really excited that we’ve been able to partner with the Ogden community,” said Eric Fletcher, Allegiant's director of government affairs.

Flights to Los Angeles will begin Oct. 5, but one-way tickets can now be purchased at for $35. Similarly, flights to Las Vegas will begin Nov. 17, and tickets can now be purchased online for $45.

"We’ve seen that passengers in the Ogden area love getting a great deal, so we think Ogden is a great match for the community,” Fletcher said.

Ogden Mayor Mike Caldwell said he thinks the addition to the airport will help Ogden's economy in several ways.

"Three ski resorts within a 20-minute drive of downtown and access to hundreds of miles of trails is pretty amazing," he said, adding that "a traditional skier will spend about $280 a day when they come. The restaurant spending goes up dramatically."

Mark Johnson, Ogden's chief administrative officer, agreed. "We’re a destination. There are a lot of wonderful things that happen in this city.”

While the Ogden-Hinckley Airport currently only offers flights to Mesa, Arizona, Caldwell hopes once more destinations are offered, Ogden will expand.

“It would be wonderful to see it as a hub of activity,” he said.

The airport is currently subsidized at about $500,000 to $750,000 per year from the city's taxpayers, but Caldwell said he expects that amount will decrease incrementally every year after the new flight destinations are added.

“This gives an opportunity to create more revenue directly on the airport through parking and fuel flow and everything else,” he said.

Flights to Las Vegas and Los Angeles will be offered twice a week, and flight schedules can be found at