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Nitro World Games return to Salt Lake City on Saturday

For only the second time, the chaos that is the Nitro World Games once again takes over Rice-Eccles Stadium this Saturday, June 24.

The Nitro World Games are a part of Nitro Circus, created by action sports legend Travis Pastrana. On Saturday fans in the stadium can expect to see who will be crowned world champion in action sports’ disciplines: Freestyle Motocross, BMX, Skate, Inline Skate and Scooter.

Returning to Utah and Rice-Eccles Stadium as the host venue for the competition was an easy choice for Pastrana.

“When we began to discuss where the Nitro World Games would be hosted again, it became clear there was only one place that we needed to be and that was Utah,” said Pastrana. “Nitro Circus has roots here in Utah. While Nitro was born in my mind, it was in Utah where it became a reality. The fans in Utah are easily some of the most knowledgeable consumers of the sport. As we travel around the globe with the Nitro Circus Live show, you quickly learn where you have to bring your best tricks, and Utah is at the top. I could not be more excited to be bringing this back to the state for the second Nitro World Games.”

If Utah were a country, they would boast the second most athletes competing this weekend behind the Australians.

“People have asked me before when they hear how many athletes from Utah are competing in the Nitro World Games, if this contest is a locals- only contest,” said Pastrana. “I just laugh and say no, but they are produced in mass quantity here in the state of Utah. This is the best state to cultivate a new crop of talent that will one day be the stars of action sports.”

“Utah was fortunate to host the highly successful inaugural Nitro World Games, which brought significant economic impact and media value to the state,” said Jeff Robbins, president & CEO of the Utah Sports Commission. “Sports fans around the state are ready to see what the newest evolution of progression Travis (Pastrana) and the rest of the Nitro World Games athletes are bringing to showcase in competition Saturday night. There is no place that is better served to host this competition than the State of Sport.”

Governor Gary Herbert was on site Wednesday to officially open the venue for competition.

“We boast the motto Utah the State of Sport,” said Governor Herbert. “From the Utah athletes competing this weekend and to the international athletes that we are hosting, Utah welcomes every athlete and fan that loves the action sports to Utah. We feel that Utah has become the home of the Nitro World Games and to the Nitro Circus family with so many of the roots of Nitro Circus growing from our state. It is with great pleasure that I welcome the athletes and fans back to Utah and open the venue for competition. “

Utah native and Nitro Circus athlete Gavin Godfrey could not contain his excitement about the return of the Nitro World Games to his home state.

“Having the Nitro World Games back in Utah in 2017 is so amazing for me. Utah is the perfect fit for the Nitro World Games because of the outdoor lifestyle our state brings. All of the elements of competition that you will see here Saturday night is available to do every single day in the state. The spirit of the state of Utah is shown through the people and we show up and prove it with how we cheer and push the athlete to the next level. Trust me, we can hear you as we prepare to drop in and do our trick. It lifts us. As athletes we have been preparing for competitions like these for years and years and you get to witness some of the greatest feats in sports here in Utah Saturday night.”

Two-time X-Games gold medalist, Nitro Circus athlete and Utah native Colton Satterfield expressed the same emotion and excitement.

“Utah has done a good job the last little while growing culturally, becoming more unified with the world around it which really opens the door for huge opportunities for Utah to have like this,” said Satterfield. “Action Sports is right at home here and a huge reason this is my home. It's always awesome to not have to deal with traveling. It's much more relaxing to be around friends and family. Utah crowds get it and it's always good to have an energized crowd to push us.”

Tickets start at $19 each while Nitro Club VIP tickets — the best seats in the house plus a special VIP experience — are $79 each (all ticket prices plus applicable service fees).

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