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16-year-old Roy racing phenom goes for the podium this weekend at Utah Motorsports Campus

Gauge Rees competes in MotoAmerica Superstock Class racing.
Gauge Rees competes in MotoAmerica Superstock Class racing.
Brian J Nelson Photography

There is a saying within the motor sports racing community that “racing is life.” For 16-year old Utah native Gauge Rees, racing has been his life.

Growing up in Roy, Rees began racing at age five, beginning to compete at six.

Rees is a third-generation motor sports enthusiast and second-generation racer. His grandfather rode motorcycles, which inspired Rees’ father to race competitively. Between the two of them, it was almost certain Rees would race.

This weekend he races for the top podium spot, as the best Superbike racers in North America return to Utah Motorsports Campus on June 23-25 for the MotoAmerica Superbike Challenge. The Friday to Sunday event will feature superbikes in multiple classes, including the Superstock class Rees will race in.

“There is nothing like racing at home,” Rees said. “Confidence is one of the biggest advantages a racer can have when competing. Having hundreds of hours at the track at the Utah Motorsports Campus and knowing where my marks for racing are, not only bring me that confidence that you want as a racer but also a comfort level that allows me to focus more and race harder.”

While Rees has achieved success on the track, the same drive for greatness is displayed at school, where he has maintained a 4.0 GPA.

“At times balancing school, racing and a social life can be difficult,” he said. “I was taught the values of hard work and that nothing less than my best is not good enough.”

He also values the education he gets from influential voices in the racing community, including “Mr. Daytona” Scott Russell.

“You always want to improve as a racer in any way that you can,” Rees said. “I have been very fortunate to have great mentors in my life, from my father to all the coaches that have been a part of my career to this point. All of the guidance I have been given prepares me for great opportunities like the one I have this weekend in front of family and friends and the great Utah racing community.”

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