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Letter: Embrace monuments

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

The recent unprecedented action by the executive branch, pushed by Utah's congressional delegation, to “review” national monuments is a thinly veiled action to pay back big money political supporters and polluters who put those Utah politicians into office. It's outrageous!

None of America's monuments should be rescinded or re-sized. Monuments should receive congressional appropriations and should be supported for the economic boost they bring to places like Garfield and Kane Counties in Utah — not to mention protected for their other salient attributes. Monuments mean jobs, sustainable jobs, and investments in our communities. However, there has been no acknowledgment by Utah's congressional delegation of the economic boost to these counties — a boost directly related to the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument's 1996 designation. And by the way, cattle grazing on this monument continues, as a hobby at best, yet is an activity that is ensured to continue as stated in the monument proclamation.

Enough already! What's the real reason to reject our monuments? Is it coal mining, isolationism, state's rights to rule America's public lands? Utah politicians, we are watching you. It is always said to follow the money and it leads here in Utah to big business and out of state polluters. Get busy Utah, look forward and embrace our monuments. Help them be all they can be.

Marsha Holland

Tropic, Garfield County