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Jazz fans give team high marks for 2017 NBA draft results

The Utah Jazz were the most active team during the 2017 NBA draft, completing several transactions throughout the course of the selection process.

Utah managed to move up in the lottery, snagging Louisville guard Donovan Mitchell with the 13th overall pick. The deal was completed with the Denver Nuggets in exchange for Utah's 24th pick, which turned into Syracuse forward Tyler Lydon, and Trey Lyles.

The movement didn't stop there, though.

The Jazz traded their 30th and 42nd picks to the Los Angeles Lakers for North Carolina center Thomas Bryant, who was taken 28th overall.

After it was all over, some readers took part in a voluntary Deseret News survey. The following are some of the results:

What grade would you give the Jazz for draft day, and why?

Out of the 71 people who took the survey, 39 gave the Jazz a draft grade of "A." Fifty-five of the 71 responses gave the Jazz a "B" or higher, indicating a positive reaction to the moves Utah made.

This is one reader's written response after giving the team an "A-."

"If this was two-plus years ago, it would be a phenomenal draft. Found a great long-term prospect with the potential to be a core piece, and another guy who fills a need providing depth in the frontcourt. But an A-minus simply because it wasn't something to move the needle short-term on retaining (Gordon) Hayward, which is where the franchise will rise/fall. Probably needed to get veteran pieces to increase the odds of retaining Gordon."

Another reader, who gave the team an "A," questioned how the draft could impact players already on the roster. The reader wrote, "They got who they wanted and it addresses needs (defense oriented, efficient players in front and backcourt). Makes for an interesting question if (Alec) Burks/(Derrick) Favors will be on the trade block."

Which draft pick will make the most immediate impact in Utah?

Mitchell, Bradley and Gonzaga guard Nigel Williams-Goss are all new additions to the team, but fans are most excited about Utah's top pick, Mitchell.

A reader explained why Mitchell will make the most impact in Utah, writing, "He seems like he would be able to come in day one and be a great defender against smaller quick guards like (Stephen) Curry and (Russell) Westbrook, yet defend shooters like Klay (Thompson) and (J.J.) Reddick.

"He could be a decent alternative to Joe Ingles or George Hill should they not return. He reminds me of an Eric Bledsoe-type player. My biggest knock on him is his shot selection, but in an interview he addressed that and is very aware of it, so it is something he knows he needs to learn and I have the confidence that the Jazz staff can improve that aspect. I love the kid's enthusiasm for the Jazz — you don't see that often! He is so excited to be a Jazzman. It's really awesome!"

Besides keeping Hayward, what is the Jazz's top offseason priority?

For this question, the readers' responses were more diverse.

Twenty-one of the 71 responding readers believe the Jazz's top offseason priority is to sign a point guard. George Hill, who's a free agent, and Ricky Rubio, who the team was linked to in trade rumors, were the most mentioned.

One reader was aware of Hill's impending raise, writing, "Keeping George Hill, but at a reasonable enough price to add another piece to contribute now while these young guys get some experience."

Twenty readers believe the Jazz should focus on retaining Ingles or finding a shooter to replace him this summer.

Others want to see the Jazz make a splash in free agency, like this reader who wrote, "They have to add another big name player/vet that can score to go alongside Hayward. I love (Boris) Diaw but they need to trade him and Burks. And I feel (Rodney) Hood is expendable with Mitchell now. I'm on the fence with Favors. I love Favors, but if he can't step out and guard the stretch 4s or step out and shoot longer shots, he is moot with Rudy (Gobert).

"I'd love to see (Paul) Millsap slide in his role. But right now the Jazz have to improve that roster with someone that can take some load off Hayward and score. I thought Hood or Lyles would be that guy, but they disappointed last season."