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Morning links: Jazz draft picks, trade graded; why did Mika go pro?

Andrew Lynch of Fox Sports delivered his grades for how every team did in the NBA draft, and he gave the Jazz an A-.

Speaking of Utah's selection of Donovan Mitchell, Lynch wrote, "The only knock against Mitchell is his size, as he's not quite big enough to play shooting guard and not quite the playmaker to be a full-time point guard."

Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports wasn't as high on how the Jazz fared in his draft grades, as he gave them a C-, saying, "Mitchell is undoubtedly a hard-nosed kid who fits Utah’s DNA. My concern is with his somewhat meager production. He shot under 41 percent from the floor and just 35 percent from three. Plus, for a kid as explosive as he is, he got to the line only three times a game. Unless he drastically improves in these areas, Mitchell projects as an energy role player more than anything else."

He did have more positive things to say about Utah's other first round pick, Tony Bradley, saying, "The pick I liked more was North Carolina’s Tony Bradley at 29. He is a Tristan Thompson-type whose rebounding prowess should translate well."

Grading the trade for Mitchell

Rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated's The Crossover graded the trade between the Utah Jazz and the Denver Nuggets, and he was higher on the move for the Jazz then for Denver.

He gave Utah a B for their side of the deal saying, "it’s easy to see why Utah would be interested in Mitchell. Snyder’s democratic offense makes perfect sense for a skilled combo guard."

After he talked about how Mitchell would fit into the offensive scheme, Mahoney looked at the defensive end, saying, "His flexibility on defense could ultimately make him a smart pairing for Dante Exum as well."

Mahoney gave the Nuggets a C for their side of the deal.

Other links

And finally...National radio host Doug Gottlieb took to Twitter on Thursday night to ask that question that many BYU basketball fans having been wondering after Eric Mika announced his plans to forgo his final two years of college eligibility.