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Lights! Camera! Action! 7 new and returning productions to be filmed in Utah

The Utah Film Commission recently announced that the Economic Development Board has approved seven new films and television shows to be shot in Utah, bringing over $20 million to the state and creating 479 local jobs.

The first four productions listed below qualified for an incentive under the Motion Picture Incentive Program.

"Our locations and incentive programs continue to drive initial interest to film in Utah, and our crews drive these producers and directors to return," said Virginia Pearce, director of the Utah Film Commission. "Our creative community is hard-working, professional and skilled, going above and beyond time and time again."

Some of the upcoming projects may sound familiar while some are new productions. Check out the list to see if any of your favorite shows will soon boast a Utah location:

1. "Andi Mack" is no stranger to Utah, having filmed, so far, all of the High School Musical shows here. The Disney Channel's "Andi Mack," starring the adorable Peyton Elizabeth Lee in the title role, filmed season one in Salt Lake City and is one of three TV series the Utah Film Commission approved for filming as the series returns to the state for season two.

Michelle Manning, executive producer of "Andi Mack," said in the Economic Development Board's press release, “I have shot all over the world, but Utah is now my favorite place to film. This show has a special place in my heart, and in season one, the cast and crew bond was like nothing I have ever experienced. It’s been a case of home-away-from-home for us, and we're eager to begin filming season two in and around Salt Lake City.”

2. "Westworld"

A critical and popular hit staring Anthony Hopkins and Even Rachel Wood, HBO's sci-fi Western series "Westworld" will film part of its second season in Utah. According to, this is the second time "Westworld" has come to the Beehive State, having filmed a scene from its first season in Dead Horse Point State Park, which has served as a filming location for a number of other productions, including "Mission Impossible II," "John Carter" and "Con Air" — although those were just air shots.

3. "Dry Bar Comedy"

Think "The Voice" for family friendly comedy and you'll have a good idea what this new VidAngel produced TV show is about. Named for the Provo comedy club, this televised search for the next big clean standup comedian will shoot at the Dry Bar Comedy Club this summer.


According to the press release, this feature film will tell "the story of a young pioneer on a trip of discovery" and should start shooting in July.

5. "In Emma’s Footsteps"

All that is currently known about this period drama is that it will start shooting in Utah and Salt Lake counties in June.

6. "Pale Face"

"Pale Face" is described in the press release as a horror movie and is supposed to start filming this July in Utah.

7. "Robber’s Roost"

This thriller will shoot in Salt Lake City.

“We have a diverse set of productions filming in-state — from established national networks to smaller local teams," Pearce said of the shows filming in Utah this year. "This was exactly our intension when we established the Community Film Incentive Program — to welcome and support talent from all angles and create the best possible content.”