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Utah Jazz extend qualifying offer to Joe Ingles

It was merely a formality, but the Utah Jazz have extended a qualifying offer to guard Joe Ingles.

Ingles, 29, is one of the many from Utah's roster set to enter free agency.

The qualifying offer is worth $2.7 million.

Ingles failed to meet the starter's criteria — playing either 2,000 minutes or starting 41 games on the season — so the offer is relatively low.

Ingles is expected to decline the offer and sign an eight-figured deal or one close to it. Extending the qualifying offer is a way for the player's original team (the Jazz) to match any offer the player receives. If the offer is matched, the player must return to the original team.

Ingles averaged a career-high 7.1 points and was a top-five 3-point shooter in the NBA, making 44.1 percent of his attempts.

Ingles made $2.7 million last season and has expressed his desire to re-sign with the Jazz.