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This is LaVell as we should remember him

LaVell Edwards wore many hats when he was at BYU — literally and figuratively.

He was a father figure, coach, friend, spiritual leader and confidant. And he went through a few iterations of hat-wear. I have to say, I love the one they chose for the uniform patch the Cougars will be wearing this fall.

Iconic as it gets.

I’m going to just assume his arms are folded, too.

Someone once said Edwards had a face that belonged on Mount Rushmore. He always said he was a happy guy, but his brain forgot to tell his face. Whatever the case, he always seemed to have the same expression. He wore it through the high-crown era of hats, the mesh-cap era, the lower-profile era, and the no-hat era.

He made ‘em all look good.

Edwards was far from the first coach to wear a cap that became part of his persona. For instance, this guy:

And this guy:

And this:

To BYU fans, Edwards is no less iconic.

Which is why honoring the late, great coach with this particular patch is perfect. There were other photos and other eras, but the patch is from the time when Edwards and BYU were at their best.

Nothing less would do.