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Breaking addiction is hard—until now


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Substance abuse and addiction are significant problems for many adults throughout Utah. Breaking the cycle of addiction can be extremely difficult to manage alone, especially without the appropriate tools to face the withdrawal symptoms. In fact, detoxification can be dangerous if it is not supervised by a medical professional. Although the struggle of addiction can feel isolating, there is help out there and hope for the future is possible.

Through a unique inpatient medical stabilization service at Davis Hospital and Medical Center known as New Vision™, patients undergo medically supervised stabilization and withdrawal management. This service is designed to provide a multidisciplinary, individualized, and safe approach to substance abuse recovery.

What does an inpatient stay include?

  • Pre-screening and assessment (review of medical history, physical examination, full lab workup, nurse assessment)
  • Inpatient hospital stay for medical stabilization
  • Personalized discharge planning (resources and rehabilitation)

Typically, an inpatient stay lasts three to five days. During this time, a team of experienced healthcare professionals, including physicians and nursing personnel, manage the stabilization and withdrawal process.

Who is a good candidate for New Vision™?

An inpatient medical stabilization program may be beneficial to any adult who is currently withdrawing from alcohol, prescription medication, or certain drugs, including those who meet some of the following criteria:

  • Extremely high tolerance for mood-altering chemicals
  • History of withdrawal symptoms
  • Outpatient medical stabilization (at home) is not feasible
  • Patients with serious medical conditions

New Vision™ is neither a residential nor an outpatient treatment program. New Vision™ is intended to help adults safely manage the symptoms of withdrawal as they progress through the detoxification process.

For more information about New Vision™ and related substance abuse treatment services at Davis Hospital and Medical Center, please call 801-807-7925 or visit