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A.M. notes: Shamo pleads 'not guilty,' Jazz confident on Hayward, where to celebrate Fourth of July

Fireworks over the Statue of Liberty
Fireworks over the Statue of Liberty

Here’s a look at the news for June 30.

Cottonwood Heights man pleads not guilty to federal drug ring charges

Aaron Michael Shamo, 27, pleaded not guilty on Thursday after being accused of leading what prosecutors have called an international drug ring, according to the Deseret News.

Shamo also pleaded not guilty earlier this year to possessions of fentanyl with the intent to distribute, the Deseret News reported.

Fourteen charges were added in May, along with five accused co-defendants. In total, Shamo is accused of 12 of the 15 charges.

The Deseret News recently published an insider look at Shamo’s rise and fall, from Mormon kid to alleged drug kingpin.

Will Jazz re-sign Hayward? Jazz GM says …

Utah Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey said he’s confident that the team can re-sign Gordon Hayward, George Hill and Joe Ingles, who are all free agents this offseason, according to the Deseret News.

The free agent market opens on Friday at 10:01 p.m. MDT.

“We feel good because of the city and the organization, the level of the team, Quin (Snyder), the development staff, Rudy (Gobert),” Lindsey said. “We’re quite confident. We’ll see what that means. We’ll find out if that’s overconfident or appropriately placed.”

Lindsey said re-signing Hayward is the priority going into the offseason.

Jazz president Steve Starks agreed.

“Obviously, Gordon is very important to the franchise,” Starks told the Deseret News. “He’s somebody that we have built around, that we’ve watched grow and develop. I don’t think it’s a secret how we feel about him as a player and our desire to have him back for a long time and hopefully the rest of his career.”

Read more at the Deseret News.

Where to celebrate the Fourth of July

Tuesday marks yet another Fourth of July, but Utah residents will find plenty of places to celebrate this weekend, according to the Deseret News.

For example, Milford offers a dance at the Pavilion Park this Saturday, while North Salt Lake offers a car show at the Eaglewood Golf Course.

Salt Lake City residents can catch a Salt Lake Bees game vs. Las Vegas, with fireworks going off after the game.

Similarly, the Utah National Guard's 23rd Army Band will play the Assembly Hall in Temple Square this Saturday.

See more events at the Deseret News.

Trump’s travel ban goes into effect

As of 8 p.m. EDT on Thursday, the “watered-down” version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban went into effect, according to CNN.

Hawaii filed an emergency motion to the federal court to contest the plan, CNN reported.

The ban currently bans travelers from Libya, Syria, Iran, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan for 90 days. Refugees from any other country must wait 120 days.

Only those who can establish a “credible claim of bona fide relationship” may enter the country, CNN reported.

“The new guidelines provide that applicants must prove a relationship with a parent, spouse, fiance, child, adult son or daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or sibling in the U.S. in order to enter the country,” according to CNN.

Read more at CNN.

Police chase car through an empty parking lot

Deadspin editor Timothy Burke shared a video on Twitter Thursday that went viral. It featured police chasing a car through an empty parking lot.