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BYU ranks among the top 10 best-value colleges nationwide

The Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center at BYU.
The Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center at BYU.
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College costs are rising, but some schools have made it work for students. recently ranked the top 10 best-value colleges across the country based on annual tuition rates.

And Utah’s own Brigham Young University ranked at the No. 10 spot on the list, with an annual tuition of $5,000, according to

BYU ranked behind the California State universities in Davis and Irvine, as well as Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, according to

The University of California, Berkeley topped the list ahead of UCLA and Princeton University.

HowMuch ranked the schools based on a number of factors, including quality of education, dropout risk and graduation success. Postgraduate earnings also played a factor.

Read more about the findings at

BYU took the No. 2 spot on Forbes’ list of the best-value colleges in 2016. BYU finished behind the Universiyt of California, Berkeley on that list.

In October 2016, a list from The Wall Street Journal ranked Stanford University as the best college in the entire country.

Brigham Young placed at No. 104 on that list, ahead of the University of Utah at No. 311, according to the Deseret News.