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Letter: Protecting our children

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

When it comes to our children, we care. Everyone pays taxes for education, regardless of whether anyone from their families is currently using the school system. It is the price of giving kids a livable world, and it is better for all of us.

But education isn’t all that is required for a decent life. We also owe our children a reasonable climate. For that matter, we owe it to ourselves. And yet we act helpless as we slowly bend it in ways that harm us. There were more days over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Tooele in the first decade of this century than in all 100 years of the last one. Ask a rancher. He’ll tell you this isn’t good.

Now that President Trump has pulled us out of the climate accords, we must look to Congress. There is hope there. Many in Congress, including a substantial number of Republicans, such as Mia Love, have joined the Climate Solutions Caucus. Their goal is to rein in our climate while doing right by our economy. But the caucus could use the wisdom of the rest of our delegation, and America could use a far-sighted solution.

Steve Glaser