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Letter: Leadership tilt

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

President Trump has abdicated American moral leadership. His decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement is a slap in the face to international cooperation and America’s leadership on the world stage. He has baffled and frustrated our European allies, causing lasting damage to transatlantic relations. Now the world tilts closer to Beijing while our government sticks its head in the sand, unmoved by the suffering climate change is already causing. The Paris climate agreement is far from perfect, but it presents a strong opportunity for nations to pressure each other to reduce emissions. Our president has thrown a gratuitous wrench in this budding international effort.

As individuals, companies and local governments, it’s up to us to show the world and our government our determination to maintain a safe climate for ourselves and our children. Technological innovation, persistent advocacy and planning with stewardship in mind will allow us to counteract our president’s shortsightedness. Trump is not America. We will continue solving this problem with or without him.

Anders Hart