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Letter: Withdraw candidacy

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

The sexual harassment allegations leveled by an overwhelming number of women against Utah Democratic Party chair candidate Rob Miller are disturbing and raise serious questions as to the appropriateness of his candidacy. I'm inclined to believe his accusers and commend them for having the bravery to step forward. That being said, the accused is innocent until proven guilty, and I am confident that an investigation by the state party's Judicial Committee will vet out the truth in this case.

As a Democratic state delegate, I'm very troubled by the idea of having a man who is accused of mistreating women preside over a party that seeks to protect and advance women's rights. So for the sake of Democrats and women everywhere, I urge Mr. Miller to withdraw his candidacy before the scandal in which he is embroiled tears apart an already-beleaguered political party.

Ryan Curtis

Salt Lake City