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Letter: Why support Trump?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

It is difficult to understand why so many in Utah support Donald Trump. It is irrefutable that he does not tell the truth. During the presidential campaign virtually everything he said in support of his proposal was factually incorrect. Reliable fact-checkers determined that in all his assertions, he told the truth about 4 percent of the time. This is why he is having so much difficulty getting his legislation passed by Congress. His legislation is based upon "alternative facts."

He told the public that his health care would be more inclusive and cheaper than Obamacare. Not true. His health care plan is primarily designed to substantially decrease taxes on the wealthy, at the expense of the poor and elderly. If extra money is generated, why not use it to pay down the national debt?

His tax plan proposal is what George H.W. Bush labeled "voodoo economics." It will explode the national debt and will ultimately lead to financial chaos and national despair.

Richard Burt