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Lindsey Stirling shares bucket list, gratitude for fans with the Huffington Post

Violinist Lindsey Stirling recently checked off one of her bucket list items by composing music for the video game RiME, but she still has her sights set on her top wish.

"Honestly, at the very top of my bucket list is to have a Vegas show someday," Stirling told the Huffington Post. "I’d love that … Then I could be a good mom and I could have my kids and school and not have to steal them to take them on the road all the time.”

Stirling was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post's Lauren Moraski as part of the Build Series, a live interview series featuring big names in entertainment, fashion and business.

In the interview, Stirling, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a graduate of Brigham Young University, discusses her recently released tour documentary, "Brave Enough," which is available on YouTube Red.

Stirling told Moraski that the documentary ended up being different than the "fun-filled, energetic" project she had initially imagined as she experienced the ups and downs of the death of her keyboardist Jason Gaviati and learned her father, who died earlier this year, had cancer.

"It turned into an extremely different project than the one I had envisioned in the beginning, but I think it's a lot more meaningful," she said.

In addition to discussing the documentary, Stirling also shares what it takes to build a tour, how she writes an album, what she does during her down time, and expressed her gratitude for her fans. She said her hope as an artist is to provide an escape for them, but she often finds herself uplifted.

"Anytime you're serving someone or trying to be there for someone else, it does kind of make you to think about what you're going through to an extent," she said. "So by being there and seeing people's smiles, it's like I was there to try to be there for them, but in turn it's like they ended up lifting me quite a bit and giving me the strength to then go on stage and do a show."

Read the article and watch the video here.


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