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Book review: 'Because We Love Our Marriage' suggests 12 keys to fortify your marriage

"BECAUSE WE LOVE OUR MARRIAGE," by Gary and Joy Lundberg, Covenant Communications, $13.99, 176 pages (nf)

In their latest relationship book, "Because We Love Our Marriage," authors Gary and Joy Lundberg suggest 12 ways to fortify and protect a marriage from influences and temptations that may ultimately lead to the breakdown of even the strongest marriages.

They give true accounts (although changing the names of those involved) of couples who fell into serious marital problems, as well of those who avoided the pitfalls, and what can be learned from each experience.

One of the "safeguards" in the book is to keep confidences within a marriage. The Lundbergs discuss the seemingly harmless practice of sharing personal problems with co-workers or friends of the opposite sex. Often, they write, the sharing of these things can turn an innocent relationship into one in which two people become emotionally involved, and end up cheating on their spouses.

The other safeguards include speaking positively about a spouse, being more devoted to a spouse than the internet, staying away from pornography, putting a spouse before career and church work, being willing to forgive and being wise in spending. Each safeguard is discussed in its own chapter and include related supporting research and references to each in the chapter endnotes.

"Because We Love Our Marriage" is excellent for mature adults who are married or who are preparing for marriage. While there is a chapter on marital intimacy, the content is not focused on the details or mechanics of sexual acts, but more on the fact that intimacy is essential to a divorce-proof marriage.

The Lundbergs are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and have written four other relationship books, as well as a book for youths and young adults about staying morally clean. The Lundbergs reside in Provo and travel around the world helping to strengthen marriages and families everywhere.

Megan Jensen is a Brigham Young University graduate, mom, writer and avid traveler. Find her at