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Provo MTC Open House ticket reservations now available to public

Ticket reservations for Provo Missionary Training Center Open House are now available to the public on A short walking tour and video will be part of the hourlong experience, the website said.

“The tours will allow people who might otherwise not have an opportunity to be inside the MTC to take a peek inside,” said Kelend Mills, the church’s director of missionary training centers, in a Deseret News article.

Following President Thomas S. Monson’s October 2012 announcement that “lowered the ages at which men and women can serve missions,” the number of missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has gone up significantly, the Deseret News said. The two new six-story Provo MTC buildings have increased training capacity to 3,700 missionaries at a time, the article said.

In addition to functionality, the buildings also “feature extensive glass exteriors to maximize use of natural light and create a sense of openness between the MTC and surrounding areas,” the Mormon Newsroom stated.

More than 200 missionary classrooms, new landscaping, large meeting spaces and 300-plus underground parking stalls have been added during the expansion project, the Deseret News reported. While no new dormitories were built, some have been remodeled, and future enhancements to create more green space are also being considered, the article said.

Tours will run from July 31 through Aug. 19, and additional tours for registered BYU Education Week participants are also available Aug. 21-25, the Deseret News said. Parking accommodations and shuttles will be provided.

To make reservations for the Provo MTC Open House, click here.