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Sarah Eden's latest trio of clean historical romances explore stories of Daphne Lancaster, Jason Jonquil and Tavish O'Connor

Utah and LDS author Sarah Eden has several clean romances released this year that share another installment in her three series. She will be at a book signing on Tuesday, July 18, at 7 p.m. at the Provo City Library at Academy Square, 550 North University Ave., Provo.

“ROMANCING DAPHNE,” by Sarah M. Eden, Covenant Communications, $15.99, 317 pages (f)

"Romancing Daphne" is by Sarah M. Eden and is about Daphne Lancaster's season in London. | Provided by Covenant Communications

The third in her series about the Lancaster family, “Romancing Daphne” shares an enjoyable and thoughtful story about the third sister Daphne and her debut London season in 1812.

Daphne knows that she won’t make the splash in the social whirl that her older sister Athena did several years ago, but is determined to at least try to not be a disaster.

When she meets James Tilburn, whom she met briefly as a young girl but who didn't seem to connect to her, they slowly build more than just an acquaintance. She thinks she might have success after all. James is surprised by the quiet yet capable and intelligent woman that Daphne is, proving that his initial impression of her needs some revising. But his home life hasn’t ever been calm, and he’s faced with decisions that can affect his mother and brother.

But when she finds there are other intents at work and she and James are caught up in others’ plans, Daphne isn’t sure if that trust can be rebuilt.

“Romancing Daphne” is an enjoyable story about a young woman who isn’t the belle of the ball (and usually doesn’t stay as long as her brother-in-law, Adam Boyce, the Duke of Kielder and known as the Dangerous Duke, who tends to scare off suitors). But she does find a way to find love and build trust in a society that tends to value neither.

Also, it’s gratifying to see other characters, including Persephone, Adam, the dramatic Artemis and sailor Linus, after several years and the developments in their family, especially as they work together to help Daphne. And many of the family members have picked up Adam’s penchant for colorful and violent threats.

Readers of Eden’s other books will likely recognize some of the minor characters, too.

While there are specific threats of violence, none are carried out in detail. There is no swearing, and the romance doesn’t go beyond kissing.

“A FINE GENTLEMAN,” by Sarah M. Eden, Covenant Communications, $15.99, 317 pages (f)

"A Fine Gentleman" is by Sarah M. Eden and is about Jason Jonquil. | Covenant Communications

“A Fine Gentleman” shares the story of barrister Jason Jonquil in this next installment in her Regency era series about the Jonquil family and the fourth book to feature one of the brothers.

Jason has also tried to be a gentleman, like his father and brothers, but Mariposa Thornton somehow tries his patience.

Mariposa, who has worked to survive the war in Spain and meets Jason on the recommendation of one of his brothers, is in search of information to help reunite her family. She’s created a persona to survive, which also served her well during the war, and she worked to help the English soldiers, and it’s helped her steer clear of the French. It also frustrates Jason and irritates the uptight barrister.

As Jason and Mariposa work to track down answers and more questions arise, they are thrust together in sometimes absurd situations that help them see past their barriers and learn that’s it’s OK to accept help and that love can come in unexpected places.

It intersects with Eden's previous “As You Are,” where Mariposa made a brief appearance.

Eden’s stories for each of the Jonquil brothers so far have been intriguing as they explore the lives of the family members.

While there are references to war, there isn’t any described violence and there isn’t any swearing. The described romance doesn’t go beyond kissing.

The next book in the series, “For Love or Honor” about Stanley Jonquil, who has been serving in the military, is scheduled to be released in October.

LOVE REMAINS: A Hope Springs Novel,” by Sarah M. Eden, Mirror Press, $15.99, 372 pages (f)

"Love Remains: A Hope Springs Novel" by Sarah M. Eden is scheduled to be released in September. | Mirror Press

It’s been a year since a devastating fire in Hope Springs, in the Wyoming Territory, and the resulting consequences, which left the usually light-hearted Finbarr O’Connor with burns that injured his eyes as “Love Remains” opens in the fall of 1871.

Tavish O’Connor, still trying to heal his own emotional wounds, has taken over Finbarr’s care as he also helps carry some of the burdens of his large Irish family.

The family decides to invite a tutor to come help teenage Finbarr and expect a Cecil Attwater to come help at the home.

When Cecily Attwater, a traveling tutor who helps the newly blind learn to adjust to their new lives, shows up, it’s the first of many challenges she faces as she works to first gain the trust of the O’Connor family and work through Finbarr’s refusal to learn. She only has a few weeks to determine if he will learn before winter sets in and makes travel difficult. And the Irish in the town find her English background another barrier.

Tavish is possibly one of the most frustrating people she’s met, but she needs his cooperation to help Finbarr.

She and Tavish agree to work together to help Finbarr and continue to match wits with each other. But though blind, Cecily soon discerns it’s more than physical wounds that need healing in the O’Connor family.

“Love Remains” is an emotional ride as readers see beyond Tavish’s smile and good looks and as Cecily deals with Finbarr’s resistance, the town’s reaction to her because she’s English and also the pain with her ever-diminishing sight.

Cecily and Tavish keep each other on their toes as they match wits with each other in many exchanges that are fun to read and that help keep the story light. It’s also a fitting story for Tavish, who turns 30 at the beginning of the novel.

Also, the perspective that Eden shares through Cecily’s blindness explores the challenges a woman with visual impairments faced in the 1870s and the day-to-day realities of navigating the world with one less sense.

There are allusions to previous violent acts, but none are detailed. There is no swearing, and any romance doesn’t go beyond kissing.

“Love Remains” is scheduled to be released in September.

If you go ...

What: Sarah M. Eden book signing

When: Tuesday, July 18, 7 p.m.

Where: Provo City Library, 550 N. University Ave., Provo


Tickets: Free tickets are required and have been distributed; a waiting list at and a standby line are available.

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