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Hogle Zoo wolf put to sleep in old age

SALT LAKE CITY — A geriatric wolf at Hogle Zoo has been euthanized.

Neph, a 14-year-old female wolf with joint pain in her hind legs, died over the weekend, the zoo announced Monday on Facebook.

Hi friends - We have some sad news to announce today.Our beautiful female wolf, Neph, was humanely euthanized over the...

Posted by Utah's Hogle Zoo on Monday, July 31, 2017

She was in pain for six months but it got worse last week. On Saturday morning, she couldn't get up, her keepers said. Her appetite also declined.

The zoo said she was put down humanely. Before that, veterinarians were giving her medicine each day, which helped until her condition took a turn for the worse.

The zoo said wolves typically live to 8 or 9 in the wild and 14 or 15 in zoos.

"So she certainly had a good, long life," zoo officers said in the post.

Neph came to Hogle Zoo in 2007 and lived with Glacier, 11, a male wolf. He was allowed time with Neph after her death and has been howling more frequently, the zoo said.

The zoo is searching for another wolf or two wolves as companions for Glacier.