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Utah's favorite Pokemon is no longer Charmander

Pokemon Go celebrates its one-year anniversary today.
Pokemon Go celebrates its one-year anniversary today.

“Pokemon Go” is approaching its one-year anniversary, and fans in cities across the United States continue to seek out their most prized monsters.

And it seems each state favors one monster over another, according to new data from Decluttr.

Last year, at the height of the craze, Declutter published a graphic that showed each state’s favorite Pokemon. Now, to celebrate the anniversary, Decluttr revisited the data to identify which Pokemon each state is searching for in 2017.

To gather the data, Declutter researched how often people search for Pokemon through Google, measuring the volume of the searches for each state.

Pikachu, unsurprisingly, topped the nationwide search. Evee earned the second spot on the list across the country.

As for Utah, there was a significant change in favorites. Last year, Utah’s favorite pocket monster was Charmander. This year? Umbreon, a star of the Generation 2 Pokemon.

Similarly, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Wyoming all switched their favored pocket monsters to second generation ones, according to the research.

The survey comes on the one-year anniversary of “Pokemon Go’s” release. The game will celebrate with a special event, which includes discounts and a special Pikachu character offered to players, according to Polygon.

Fans have long expressed their love of the game on social media, sharing different reasons why the game can help people stay fit and the benefits it brings to their lives.