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7 Utah spots to buy great mac 'n' cheese on National Mac and Cheese Day

Macaroni and cheese in a bowl with cream cheese chucks and a wooden spoon.
Macaroni and cheese in a bowl with cream cheese chucks and a wooden spoon.

Time to boil your pasta elbows and drizzle them in red sauce, mayonnaise or cheese.

A Peapod survey identified 2017 as the year of the home cook, as 49 percent of millennials said they prefer to cook at home than older adults.

There are plenty of recipes online for great macaroni. Pinterest recipes include ones for baked macaroni and cheese, regular macaroni and cheese and some other versions of the dish.

But if you’re not in the mood to cook, Utah offers plenty of delicious options for the meal. Here’s a quick rundown of restaurants and grilles you can visit for macaroni and cheese.

This list was compiled based on multiple website rankings, and reviews from Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Ruth’s Diner

A photo of Ruth's Diner from Ruth's Diner's Facebook page.| Ruth's Diner Facebook page

Emigration Canyon has a special Grandma Claire’s baked mac ’n’ cheese, which includes breadcrumbs and crusty cheese on top. You can also add chicken. This meal was rated as the best macaroni and cheese meal in the state by


A photo of RYE from RYE's Facebook page. | RYE Facebook page

This Salt Lake City eatery offers Truffled Mac & Cheese with a light, creamy sauce.

Eva’s Bakery

A photo of Eva's Bakery from Eva's Bakery's Facebook page. | Eva's Bakery Facebook page

Head to this downtown eatery for Eva’s carbonara mac ’n’ cheese, which has bits of Gruyere and peas.

Chedda Burger

A photo of Chedda Burger from Chedda Burger Facebook page. | Chedda Burger Facebook page.

Take a walk on the wild side with a macaroni and cheese burger, courtesy of Chedda Truck and its affiliated restaurant, Chedda Burger.

Fat Kid Mac N Cheese

A photo of Fat Kid Mac N Cheese from Fat Kid Mac N Cheese Facebook page. | Fat Kid Mac N Cheese Facebook page

Another food truck, this one offers a gooey and overly cheesy rendition of the classic meal. The restaurant also offers customers a litany of options for their mac ’n’ cheese, like adding vegetables, fruit and, of course, more cheese.

City Cakes and Cafe

This Salt Lake City joint ranked among PETA’s top vegan mac ’n’ cheese spots nationwide. The cheese sauce is actually made from cashews and the noodles are 100 durum wheat, according to PETA.

Bonus: Mo’ Bettah Steaks

While not exactly mac ’n’ cheese, this restaurant offers what’s been called the “best macaroni salad ever” by one TripAdvisor review. Eat it alongside “melt in your mouth meat” and you’re good to go.

Have a favorite place that didn't appear on the list? Email with your suggestions.