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Letter: Stop ACA fraud

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

A recent PBS FRONTLINE special on super-bug pathogens used scare tactics to defend Obamacare (ACA) as the only way to get enough funding for research to develop expensive new antibiotics. A scientist said that because previous antibiotics became widely available, killer bacterium became resistant to existing antibiotics. He said that we must replace private free-market insurance policies with mandatory public health care taxes so that drug companies can develop new antibiotics.

However, access to the new super-antibiotics will be strictly controlled. They will only be available to a few people in limited cases. Most pharmaceutical companies cannot afford to market new drugs that will not be widely available. So, the FRONTLINE report promoted Obamacare as the only way to fight super-bugs. They condemned efforts to repeal ACA because they want taxpayers to fund drug companies that will create antibiotics that hard-working Americans may never be eligible to receive!

I hope that our elected officials will stop the ACA fraud.

Cynthia Hallen