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Letter: Make biking safer

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

All our politicians running for mayor and City Council in West Valley are campaigning on the issue “public safety is our No. 1 issue.” Respectfully, there are other crucial safety issues in the city that are not being addressed; instead of primarily focusing on putting bad guys behind bars, we have many other public safety issues.

Within the past few months, a cyclist and a pedestrian have died after being struck by a car. This should be a wake-up call for our city officials. The car is the primary mode of transportation in West Valley, and few people are seen walking or biking due to traffic, lack of sidewalks and uncomfortable roads.

Add sidewalks to busy streets instead of dirt paths. Residents have the choice to walk next to traffic or cross busy roads to the side of the street that has a sidewalk. Most residents jam streets and intersections, polluting the air, rather than walk to shopping and errands. Imagine a senior or a disabled person trying to negotiate the lack of sidewalks.

Make biking safe by adding bike lanes to Centennial Park and Fitness Center. Imagine Liberty Park and Sugarhouse Park without bike lanes. Make biking safe to the Jordan River by adding bike lanes. Other cities along the Wasatch Front have done this. Add bike lanes from the TRAX stations so workers can safely bike from train to work. Make bike lanes wider than your handlebars by restriping; drivers don’t need an 11-foot-wide turn lane. Better and more signage for bike lanes would make the city safer.

Tom Jackson

West Valley City