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NPR: Feelings about Trump are dividing Utah candidates

NPR published an article this week that said feelings about President Donald Trump have divided the candidates in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District race.

Republicans will have a chance to vote on their candidate to replace Jason Chaffetz, the former Utah representative who vacated his position in June.

Provo Mayor John Curtis, attorney Tanner Ainge and former state lawmaker Chris Herrod are all vying for a spot on the November ballot

But the trio haven’t taken much time to speak about Trump, NPR reported. The candidates hope to promote the Republican agenda, without connecting with the chaotic nature of the administration.

“Distance from Trump isn't necessarily a shortcoming in the 3rd District, which stretches southeastward from Salt Lake to Provo down to Moab and Blanding, near the site of the controversial Bears Ears National Monument currently under review by the Trump administration,” according to NPR.

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