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Photos: Mountain lion gets escort from normally-quiet Tooele neighborhood

Tom Becker, a biologist with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, left, and Tooele Police Sgt. Jeremy Hansen carry a tranquilized mountain lion from the backyard of a home in Tooele on Thursday. At back center is veterinarian Jon McCormick. Karolina Burton said nothing much usually happens in her Tooele neighborhood until she came home Thursday to see a couple of dozen police and animal control cars focused on her next-door neighbor's yard. "I couldn't actually see the animal in the bushes. It was hiding very well," she said. "But once he shot it, I saw it jumping away. It was quite big!" Becker said the mountain lion was tranquilized and returned to the mountains, where it belongs. After the animal was spotted, residents near 2100 North and 50 West were cautioned to keep children and pets indoors.

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