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Wasatch Front Ice Cream Tour — seventh stop: Big Scoops Creamery

ROY — Big Scoops Creamery in Roy lives up to its name.

The creamery has been serving up generous portions of its “super premium gourmet ice cream” to customers since 2000, according to the company's website.

The shop offers a variety of frozen treats, from ice cream sandwiches to malts to sundaes, as well as ice cream cones.

With 23 different base flavors made on-site and more than 50 mix-in options, the possible flavor combinations are endless. Base flavors vary from banana and strawberry to French vanilla and praline, and the mix-ins include everything from standards such as nuts and Oreos to more unusual options like banana chips and Swedish Fish.

We gave Big Scoops Creamery a 3 out of 4 scoops.

The process for Big Scoops’ ice cream cones is similar to Cold Stone Creamery, where customers pick an ice cream flavor and watch as an employee incorporates the mix-ins on a cold surface. Although the Big Scoops’ process may be similar to the national chain, the local store’s final product is much better.

At the prompting of the incredibly nice employee behind the counter, I ordered cake batter ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough mixed in and cheesecake ice cream with raspberry, which she indicated are two of their most requested combinations. Both ice cream flavors were smooth, creamy and not at all grainy, a texture that is likely achieved thanks to each batch being made in-house.

The cake batter with cookie dough was certainly sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. The cheesecake ice cream had a hint of a tart cheesecake flavor, and the raspberry mixed in was divine. If mix-ins are your thing, a stop at Big Scoops is a must, not only because of the number of options available but also because of the generous quantity put in each scoop.

Big Scoops also deserves a special shoutout for its house-made waffle cones and bowls, which come in vanilla, chocolate or cinnamon flavor and have a nice balance between being crispy enough to not become soggy but not so crispy as to make it difficult to bite.

The ice cream shop’s generic location in a strip mall isn’t anything to write home about, but the interior is welcoming enough and the handwritten signs and bright colors create a comfortable atmosphere. For anyone looking for a locally made treat packed with plenty of flavor, a drive to Roy to sample Big Scoops is certainly worth it.

Location: 3588 W. 5600 South, Roy

How much: Prices start at $3.89 for a single scoop and $4.68 for a double scoop with one mix-in

Scoop score: 3 out of 4 scoops