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UTubers: Claire Crosby's reaction to new baby, Peter Hollens opens up about mental illness

Claire Crosby reacts to the news that her parents are expecting another baby.
Claire Crosby reacts to the news that her parents are expecting another baby.
Danielle Christensen

YouTubers celebrated the simple joys in life this week by spending time with their loved ones. The Crosbys announced that a new member will soon be joining their family, and the Devine family posted a clip about being present and enjoying the moment. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Peter Hollens opened up about mental illness in a tribute he made to Chester Bennington, urging those who are struggling to seek help.

The Crosbys are adding another member to their family in January 2018, and Claire Crosby couldn’t be more excited. “I’ve been praying for a baby for a long time,” said Claire before her parents broke the news to her. Watch this video of the 4-year-old’s reaction as she listens to a heartbeat monitor for the first time and discovers a baby is already on its way.

Lindsey Stirling performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week. Accompanied by a keyboardist and drummer, Stirling played “The Arena,” from her newest album, “Brave Enough.” The music video of the single, released in June 2016, has more than 26 million views on YouTube. also recorded her version of “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day. Opting for a more casual setting in this take, Stirling records the cover in a retro studio with two of her band members.

Brad and Hailey Devine posted a video last Friday in appreciation of the simple things in life. “It's a strange thought that my girls won't be little like this forever,” said Hailey Devine in the video, pulling her two daughters in a wagon down the sidewalk. The clip shows footage of the Devine family enjoying an afternoon feeding ducks and playing in the water with each other. “As their mother, it's my goal to live every day more intentionally, and fully appreciate every fleeting moment!” Hailey Devine continued.

Lucy Gardiner sang a cover of “Space Between” from the Disney Channel Original Movie “Descendants 2.” At 9 years old, Gardiner is the youngest of the sisters on the YouTube channel. Singing both the melody and the harmony, Gardiner also plays two different characters from the Disney film during the video.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, second counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, dedicated the Tucson Arizona Temple on Aug. 13. “The temple is such a wonderful sign of light and of purpose, which is heavenly, even the gospel of Jesus Christ,” he said. President Uchtdorf also invited the temple presidency and a few children to insert mortar around the edges of the cornerstone. The Tucson temple makes the sixth LDS temple in Arizona, the Mormon Newsroom YouTube description stated.

Peter Hollens paid tribute to Chester Bennington and Linkin Park in a recent video. Bennington committed suicide in July 2017 due to mental illness, and Hollens opened up about the issue at the end of the clip. “We care so deeply about how we look and our physical health, but we do not talk enough about our mental health,” Hollens said, urging those who are struggling to seek help. Hollens also invited those who watched the video to start a dialogue about mental illness in the comments. “I’ve been dealing with depression my entire life,” he said. “It gets better. Time does heal. Each and every single one of you are amazing. Never forget that. Even in your darkest times.”