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Should you retire to Salt Lake City? Probably.

Aerial view of Salt Lake City, Wednesday, March 9, 2016.
Aerial view of Salt Lake City, Wednesday, March 9, 2016.
Ravell Call, Deseret News

Salt Lake City might not be a bad place to retire.

WalletHub released a new report this week that ranked Salt Lake City as the country’s sixth-best place to retire.

Salt Lake City placed just outside of the top five, ranking behind Atlanta; Scottsdale, Arizona; Miami; Tampa, Florida; and Orlando, Florida.

The Beehive State’s capital city ranked ahead of Honolulu; Denver; Austin, Texas; and Las Vegas within the top 10.

The worst places to retire included Newark, New Jersey; Providence, Rhode Island; San Bernardino, California; Worcester, Massachusetts; and Detroit.

WalletHub reviewed 40 metrics to complete the report, looking at 150 cities nationwide. The data compared cost of living, tax-friendliness for retired workers and the amount of recreation activities available to retirees, among other factors.

Salt Lake City’s highest metric surrounded the health care provided to retirees. WalletHub also recently ranked Salt Lake City as the second-healthiest city in America behind San Francisco, but Utah finished middle of the road for its overall health care.

Other reports have suggested Utah as a place to retire. placed Utah as the 11th-best state for retirees, thanks to its low cost of living and high health care quality. The state also has a high well-being ranking, according to

Similarly, placed Utah as the second-best state for retirees, placing just behind Idaho.

The study based its results on life expectancy, tax friendliness and crime rates.

Still, that report suggested that a high-ranking for retirement doesn’t always mean those states are the best place to retire.

The MoneySavingsPro report said that some states have built-in cultures that make it a good place to retire.

“Though the facts and figures will lead you to the above best states, there are other things you should consider before choosing a place to retire. Some states that didn't make the top 10 list have more amenities that attract retirees,” the report said. “For instance, Florida and California are popular retirement destination because of their comfortable climates and nearly constant sunshine.”