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MDA office burglarized; camp goes on thanks to donations

EMIGRATION CANYON — The Muscular Dystrophy Camp is a big part of the summer at Camp Kostopulos in Emigration Canyon benefiting Utah children who have the disease.

But a couple of weeks ago, the camp was in jeopardy.

Forty-nine kids and their personal volunteers, who are ensuring that they get to enjoy the great outdoors, had a lot to be excited about Monday at the Utah MDA Summer Camp.

The summer camp is made possible through fundraising and donations. But on July 28, $2,000 of that money was stolen during a break-in at the organization’s office in Taylorsville. The burglars took donations in the form of gift cards and cash the association had received. They also stole items the association was planning to raffle off during events it holds.

When Harmons and Macey’s grocery stores heard what happened, they worked to help replace what was taken and then some — a $5,000 donation, said Rachael Wabel with Associated Food Stores.

“Getting to see them have this experience and, for a week, they don’t have limits and they just get to play, there is no way to describe it. It is such a great feeling,” Wabel said.

The in-kind donations came in the form of food items, along with crayons, markers and chalk that is being used for several art projects to kids get to work on.

“This is their best week of the year. They say it is just like Christmas,” Clark said.

The goal of the summer camp is to help the kids do things that they rarely are able to.

“They get to be that normal kid,” Clark said. “We have a ropes course, we have horseback riding, they go swimming, they go fishing, we have a trophy for who catches the most fish.”

An opportunity these great kids may have missed without the last minute generosity, organizers said.

“If we didn’t have the community support, long story short, there would be no camp, so really when everyone comes together we get the kids up here and give them that wonderful experience,” Clark said.

The participants will be at Camp K through Thursday. Anyone interested in supporting the summer camp in the future can watch for their local fire department’s “Fill the Boot” campaign during Labor Day weekend.