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Believe your eyes: 9 (un)real photos taken in Utah this summer

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Utah is hands down, objectively the prettiest state in the nation. Any dissenters will be thrown in our Utah.com van, taken to Zion and forced to hike The Narrows until they change their mind. OK, we can’t actually do that, but we did gather nine pieces of evidence provided by talented photographers to back up our claim.

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Priceless Sunset at Dollar Lake

Andrew Singsavathdy / @andrew_singsbuz


“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”

Conscious Intent

Brandi Dawson / @mountn.gypsy


“Nothing rejuvenates the soul like a sunset hike through a brilliant field of wildflowers. Ephemeral in nature, yet enduring in our hearts, they remind us to enjoy the outdoors by living less out of habit and more out of conscious intent.”

Sunset Sunrise

Rob Nelson / @robnelson4


“This was taken during sunrise at Sunset Point in Bryce Canyon while on a father/son road trip around Utah and Arizona. Although my dad wasn't eager to get up that early I returned with some evidence to make him wish he had.”

A Watchman Sunset

John O’Dell / @johnodellpix


“This image was taken on my very first evening in Zion National Park. It was the scene I was most excited to see in person. What a treat it was to have wonderful clouds light up with color.”


Jason Rollins / @jasonrollinsslc


“This image was captured, as the sun was setting, on the South shore marina, of the Great Salt Lake. I had never captured a lightning shot, during the "daytime" hours, until all worlds came together, and a little bit of luck on my side! This night will forever be remembered by me, in a place where I taught myself everything about photography, over the last 5 years.”

Fairyland Milky Way

Mike Price / @mikepricephotography


“My family and I woke up about 3 am to head to Fairyland Canyon in Bryce Canyon National Park to capture the Milky Way. We enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the park and the beauty of the dark skies of Utah. It was amazing to see the Milky Way with the naked eye and in such a setting as Bryce.”

Wood Duck

Kathy Hackford / @klhackford


“When you feel like you're being watched from above, look up, you may well be. One day when I stopped on a trail to rest, I felt a sense of being watched...and with eyes this red....it's no wonder why :)”

Just Beyond the Blue Hour at Hayden Lake

Max McGregor / @wasatchmaximus


“This long exposure image, captured in the high Uinta Mountains in late June, reveals the fading colors of sunset clouds mixed with a starry sky. A quick flicker of flashlight across the lake provides a splash of green and the last of the winter snow.”

Per Ardua Ad Alta

Danae Lilyquist / @photodivadanae


“I took this while out with family, exploring Cedar City and all its beauty for the first time.”