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Wasatch Front Ice Cream Tour — eighth stop: Leatherby's Family Creamery

MIDVALE — Leatherby’s Family Creamery has been serving up “rich, high butterfat premium ice cream” for more than 27 years, according to its website, and also seeks to provide “a clean and friendly environment; quick, personal service and generous portions at reasonable prices.”

The ice cream — which comes in mostly typical flavors such as chocolate, rocky road, brownie fudge and chocolate mint — is made one batch at a time using fresh ingredients. “Each batch spends a minimum 24 hours quickly cooling in our 15 degree below zero freezers,” the company’s website states. “It is then transferred to a second freezer where it is brought back up to 5 degrees … then served fresh to you.”

We gave Leatherby's Family Creamery a 2.5 out of 4 scoops.

Leatherby’s has locations in Draper and Taylorsville, as well as a smaller one in Midvale, which is the one I visited. The Midvale store was easy to find and had a quaint atmosphere to it with old-timey-type checkered floors and a few tables next to the large windows looking out onto the street. The employees said that although the Midvale location is smaller than the others, it carries many of the flavors offered at the larger stores.

The employee who helped me said toasted almond is one of the most popular flavors, so I ordered a scoop of it and a scoop of strawberry.

Both flavors had a nice, creamy consistency that wasn’t too hard or too soft. The strawberry was adequate but not necessarily anything unique or especially outstanding. The toasted almond had plenty of almonds throughout, and the base ice cream had hints of both vanilla and almond. It was definitely the better of the two flavors, but the jagged almonds make it better suited for eating it in a bowl with a spoon instead of licking it off a cone.

Leatherby’s certainly lived up to its promise of “a clean and friendly environment; quick, personal service and generous portions at reasonable prices.” The employees were personable and took my order quickly, and at $2.99 for a single scoop and $4.29 for a double scoop, the servings give a good bang for your buck.

Overall, Leatherby’s ice cream is enjoyable, but more middle-of-the-road. While there wasn’t anything inherently wrong with the product or the experience, there wasn’t exactly anything spectacular about it either, especially when compared to other stops on the Wasatch Front Ice Cream Tour.

Locations: Midvale, Taylorsville and Draper

Price: $2.99 for a single scoop, $4.29 for a double scoop

Scoop rating: 2.5 out of 4 scoops