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Letter: End do-nothing politicians through term limits

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
Deseret News

For 25 years or more “do nothing” presidents and politicians have given us a nuclear North Korea, a potential nuclear Iran, ISIS and terrorism. What do we pay them for? Isn’t their first priority to keep America safe? Congress spends half its time “in recess” and the other half doing nothing. It sits around hobnobbing, giving itself financial perks, lifetime pensions and fat medical plans.

What happened to the GOP promises to repeal and replace Obamacare? Could it possibly be that its financial backers do not want that to happen? I haven’t heard anyone lately mention torte reform or other ways to cut medical costs. Let’s not upset the big donors. Now what about tax reform. It takes a university degree in voodooism to fill out a federal income tax form. If we had a simple flat tax we could save billions of dollars and get rid of the IRS, but no, politicians could no longer manipulate tax rules to control the masses.

It seems like the only time politicians wanted to work together was when they had ”earmarks" to play with. Every time President Trump opens his mouth, the Democrats jump down his throat and the news media trash him. Many in the GOP do not support him either.

The last hurrah — Rome burns while the Neros fiddle! Isn’t it time we have term limits for politicians, deny them lifetime pensions and fat expense accounts.

Trump is the legally elected president of the United States of America, let’s all give him our support.

Nuclear weapons do not discriminate.

Alan Carabine