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Book review: Dinosaur fans will fall in love with the goofy fun and adventures in 'Microsaurs'

"Microsaurs: Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack" is by Dustin Hansen.
"Microsaurs: Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack" is by Dustin Hansen.

"MICROSAURS: Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack," by Dustin Hansen, Feiwel & Friends, $13.99, 226 pages (f) (ages 8-11)

Utah author Dustin Hansen is bringing back Danny and Lin, two tech-savvy and adventure-loving kids who help Professor Penrod with his Microsaur haven in "Microsaurs: Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack."

Danny and Lin just have to beat Victoria Van-Varbles before she wins the remote car race with a car she can’t even drive. They’re powering down the track with the Bolt, their smartphone-controlled car. Just before the race ends, their car gets an engine full of goo and glitter, thanks to spoiled Icky Vicky’s driver’s manuevers.

Vicky wins the race, but not without agreeing to a final showdown that afternoon. Danny and Lin have no idea they’ll have to win another race first — this one against a pack of hungry Microsaurs.

Alongside their car adventures, the friends still keep busy with the Microterium, which is full of tiny hadrosaurs, ceratopsians and more amazing dinosaurs. The Microterium features high-tech gadgets like the Shrink-A-Fier and its companion the Expand-o-Matic, along with an amazing miniature-sized world for miniature dinosaurs. Swamps, deserts, canyons, underwater rivers — the Microterium has everything, all small enough to fit in Professor Penrod’s backyard barn.

But when Professor Penrod sends a package from his explorations in China, little do Danny and Lin know just how its contents will threaten their peaceful world of tiny dinosaurs.

Inside one half of the package is a pack of oviraptors — egg-stealing dinosaurs. And in the other half is a large, mysterious egg. Now Danny and Lin find themselves in the thick of a race against a hungry pack of Microsaurs to get the egg to safety and convince these oviraptors that other food — like corn dogs — is a much better lunchtime option.

Will Danny and Lin save the egg from its hungry predators, restore peace and order to the Microterium, and get back to the race track in time to beat Vicky in their best race yet? Readers and dinosaur fans can find out as they fall in love with the goofy humor and adventures in the second installment of Hansen’s Microsaurs series.

This book does not include any swearing, foul language, violence or sex/sexual innuendo.

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Karen Schwarze lives and writes in Mountain Home, Idaho.