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11-year-old girl injured by horse prior to competition

The body of a missing Arizona man has been found after he apparently drowned in Lake Powell, officials said Monday.
Ambulance Emergency Call. Speeding Ambulance Vehicle. Paramedics in Action.

SPANISH FORK — An 11-year-old girl was airlifted to a Utah hospital after a horse bucked her off and rolled onto her.

Aleah Hermansen was saddling her horse Tuesday, preparing to compete in horsemanship in a 4-H competition at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds when her horse reared up.

Aleah's father, Chris Hermansen, says her horse reared up then sat on its hind legs, rolling over Aleah's lower body and causing her to hit her head with some force on the ground.

He said Aleah underwent X-rays and a CT scan. He says she has a concussion and some deep bruising but no internal bleeding or fractures.