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Man and woman arrested in connection with arson at abandoned house

SALT LAKE CITY — A man and woman face possible charges in connection to a burglary and arson of an abandoned residence in Salt Lake City.

Carlos Ojeda-Chaparro and Sabrina Holm, who were apparently squatting at the residence at 211 N. Cornell St., were asked on Saturday to leave the residence by the property owner and maintenance worker because the home was going to be boarded up, according to a Salt Lake City Police Department probable cause statement.

As Ojeda-Chaparro and Holm left the residence, Ojeda-Chaparro allegedly set fire to a plastic grocery bag and threw it in a bedroom on the northwest side of the house, according to the statement.

The pair then left the residence and walked north with a BMX style bicycle. A short time later, the homeowner and maintenance worker saw smoke coming from the northwest bedroom window.

The man and woman "made no effort to notify emergency personnel of the fire. The fire spread throughout the residence and caused significant damage to the residence," the statement said.

Ojeda-Chaparro and Holm face possible charges of arson, felony burglary, criminal trespass, among others.