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The Clean Cut: Watch totality and listen to one crowd's joyful reaction

Monday's solar eclipse is now a memory, but you can bet that people will be talking about seeing the moon pass between the sun and the Earth for a good while to come.

The first total solar eclipse in the U.S. since 1979 and the first time an eclipse crossed the country from the Pacific to Atlantic in 99 years, the 2017 eclipse brought the country together to witness some form of this heavenly display — whether in totality, such as in parts of Idaho or Tennessee, or in some degree of partial eclipse.

Click here to see the moon's path across the country.

NBC news reporter Miguel Almaguer joined an enthusiastic crowd in Madras, Oregon, during the eclipse. Watch here for the moment of totality and listen to Almaguer and the crowd express their appreciation for this natural wonder.

The Clean Cut is a regular feature that highlights family friendly videos.