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Letter: I have to control my emotions and respond in a kind, loving way

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor
Deseret News

You cannot erase history, you cannot change it, or make it go away, you can learn from it, however. When you can learn from it, then you can change the future, change the present and do better than someone before you.

For those of you who think tearing down monuments, burning flags, causing chaos is going to change anything, you are sorely mistaken, History has proven that. If you want to stop anything, it begins with you. Hatred breeds hatred; anything you hate is an example for your children to hate something, and you may not like what they choose to hate.

There are so many things wrong in the world today that I have no control over, but I do have control over how I respond to what is happening. As mad as I may get, as frustrating as things seem, I have to control my emotions and respond in a kind loving way. That is the only way I can teach my children and grandchildren to be kind — by example.

What kind of an example are all these hate groups giving to the world? How will it impact their future? Their potential for employment? There are consequences for choice. Like the wise Yoda once said, "Choose wisely."

Jan Evans

North Salt Lake