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Jello, funeral potatoes and rolls top list of 'Mormon foods,' according to Deseret News readers

A homemade red cherry gelatin dessert on a cakestand
A homemade red cherry gelatin dessert on a cakestand

We asked our readers what they think "Mormon foods" are. Jello, funeral potatoes and rolls topped the list.

Some of our readers also included casseroles, stews and hot chocolate in the category.

Fry sauce, however, did not make the cut, with many saying the food was mostly just a "Utah food."

"Definitely funeral potatoes," one reader said. "Fry sauce is a Utah food. When I went to college in Colorado, you could pick out the Utahns in the cafeteria by who was making their own fry sauce. Funeral potatoes, though, seem to be almost entirely an LDS community thing."

Jello was also circumspect, with some thinking the Mormon treat was either on its way out, or never really popular with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the first place.

One reader said green jello should not be considered a Mormon food anymore.

"It's going out with the new generation," a respondent said. "Younger Mormons are less likely to make it."

Another said that even if green jello is popular in the community, eating it with vegetables is certainly not.

"The jello with carrots!" one reader said. "I've never eaten or even seen it. My mother said she ate it as a child in the ’70s, but I've never seen it."

Consensus, however, is hard to find, especially among readers that live inside and outside of the state. Some said many Mormon foods simply are just Utah foods that do not translate well to those who live outside of the state.

"I don't know if I would consider any foods Mormon foods. I'm not from Utah," a reader said.

But being from Utah may not even be the issue. Another one of our readers pointed out that many of the foods those in the state know and love seem to have British origins.

"Aren't all of the dishes very English? After watching 'The Great English Baking Show,' Utah is heavily influenced by our UK ancestors," a respondent said.

Are we missing one of your favorite Mormon foods? Answer the questions below to let us know what you think.