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Letter: The downside to the Count My Vote and 'let the people choose' movement

Will the Utah Republican establishment ever get over the loss to Mike Lee of the- presumed-incumbent-for-life-Sen. Bob Bennett? Adam Reiser, in his letter of Saturday, Aug. 19, glories in the Count My Vote movement that allowed John Curtis to get on the ballot, ensuring "the people, and not an extremist mob of delegates” got to pick the party’s candidate.

In this country, choosing representatives to do our work of deliberating is a time-honored method established at the constitutional founding. So we have the Electoral College and Congress with the House of Representatives and the Senate.

In our caucus-convention system, local precincts meet, discuss issues and vote on delegates to represent them at the convention. Delegates can meet individually with candidates and probe more deeply into their background, goals and issue stands.

Bob Bennett was a fair senator and could have won in the general election, but Mike Lee made an impression with the delegates, and instead we got to vote for a great senator. He is a deep thinker, is a constitutionalist and a courageous patriot. Mr. Reiser makes little effort to conceal his contempt for conservatives (he calls extremists) in the Republican Party, but the majorities in Congress, governorships and state legislatures, and even the presidency, the party has achieved are due to the energy of the conservatives and the tea party movement and the Democratic overreach.

And just think, if the 17th Amendment had not been eliminated, the selection of senators by representatives in state legislatures (in favor of direct election), how much better the Senate makeup might now be. “Let the people choose” seems like it must be all good, but incumbency, name recognition, large campaign funding and publicity schemes tend to give us the same tired bunch in Congress, election after election, and change is difficult to come by. So John Curtis may win the general election and be a good representative, but I would have liked to see what Chris Herrod or Tanner Ainge could do.

Lowell Barrowes

Salt Lake City