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Book review: Adventure, mystery abound in 'Breach of Trust'

"BREACH OF TRUST," by Kathi Oram Peterson, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 221 pages (f)

"Breach of Trust" keeps readers guessing as to who could possibly be behind the mayhem that ensues with the return of Lt. Cmdr. Cooper Lane, who was rescued miraculously after four years behind enemy lines. Her unit was in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, no survivors were found and she was pronounced dead.

When Cooper arrives home, she finds that her husband is married to her best friend. It's an awkward situation. It gets more complicated when he is murdered and Cooper is blamed for it.

Cooper finds that her dad and Navy SEAL Axe Talbot, the man who saved her life behind enemy lines, are the only two who she can truly trust as she tries to piece together her life. She and Axe, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, team up to figure out who killed her former husband.

Being able to trust those around you is not always easy, and “Breach of Trust” is good at demonstrating the value that trust has, especially when it is lost.

"Breach of Trust" has no swearing or sexual content. There is military action referenced in the book, which, along with violent instances, is generally referenced and not described in great detail.

Utahn Kathi Oram Peterson has shared a great tribute to the armed forces and all that they do to maintain freedom. The story is entertaining, and she brings the reader along on a fascinating journey.

"Breach of Trust" includes places such as Hill Air Force Base, Wyoming and the Pentagon, which create a sense of reality to the story. It was great to see how Axe regards his LDS beliefs while helping others who do not live the same values.

"Breach of Trust" is a great story for those seeking the thrill of adventure and mystery.

John Carlisle is a junior high teacher and a mentor and enjoys time with his wife and three kids.