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UTubers: Slicing open NBA Kevin Durant's shoes, Hale Center Theater sneak peek

Daniel Markham, left, Lincoln Markham, center, and Kevin Durant, right, examine a pair of Durant's Nike shoes.
Daniel Markham, left, Lincoln Markham, center, and Kevin Durant, right, examine a pair of Durant's Nike shoes.
YouTube screen shot

UTubers were out and about in the Salt Lake Valley this week. Working With Lemons posted a sneak peek of the new Hale Center Theater, and the Gardiner Sisters shot a recent music video featuring a mountain backdrop. Meanwhile, YouTube channel "What’s Inside?" ventured a little further from home, as it played a little one-on-one with NBA player Kevin Durant before slicing open some of his most prized shoes.

Get an early look at the new Hale Center Theater. “This theater has technology that not even Broadway theaters in New York have!” said Working With Lemons in the YouTube description. “It's amazing!” According to a recent Deseret News article, the 130,000-square-foot building has two stages and a 1,700-stall parking structure.

The Gardiner Sisters released their latest music video, “You and I Can,” in honor of Cambry Kaylor. Once an international champion equestrian vaulter, Kaylor was paralyzed from the waist down at age 18 because of a riding accident. Despite her injury, though, Kaylor continues to ride.

Claire Crosby sang two songs live from the Children’s Songbook of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Sunday. Accompanied by her mom on the piano, Claire chose to sing “I’m Trying to Be like Jesus” and “When I Am Baptized,” responding to feedback from listeners in between numbers.

Evynne Hollens and Anna Gilbert sang a duet of “When She Loved Me” from Disney’s animated film “Toy Story 2.” Adorned by flannel shirts and cowgirl boots, the duo stays true to the original melody while accompanied by the piano.

YouTube channel "What’s Inside?" sliced open a couple of pairs of basketball shoes owned by small forward Kevin Durant. “Have you ever seen your shoe cut up like that before?” Daniel Markham asked the slightly stunned Golden State Warriors player.

“Never, that’s why I’m just staring at it, man,” said Durant. “It’s cool to see it broken down like this.”

UTubers is a feature that highlights YouTube videos created by people with ties to Utah.