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Many Virginia players don't have a jersey number yet, and Bronco Mendenhall is cool with it

There are only five days before the University of Virginia kicks off its season against William and Mary, and “many players” have no clue what their numbers will be, according to The Roanoke Times.

For example, the Virginia Cavaliers' quarterback Lindell Stone, who is the backup to Kurt Benkert this season, doesn’t have his number yet.

Stone isn’t the only player concerned with this scenario. Only one “kicking specalist” — Lester Coleman, the only punter on the team — has a number right now, receiving No. 47 this past weekend.

UVA coach Bronco Mendenhall, who previously coached BYU, said he started the tradition of letting players select their jersey numbers last year.

“The simple answer is, ‘I’m not the one that chooses the selection order,’” Mendenhall said. “It’s coming from our team. My guess is that this Thursday is when the next selection comes.”

Every number from 1 to 35 has already been taken. Quarterbacks traditionally use numbers one to 19. The lowest possible number for Stone? 36.

More than one player can have the same number, as long as they don’t play at the same time, but that’s not something Mendenhall likes to do.

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