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Which Utah college town has the best food?

A photo of Aggie Ice Cream.
A photo of Aggie Ice Cream.
Screenshot, Instagram user usuaggielife

There’s no question that every state has their best meals and restaurants.

But college towns shouldn’t be ignored, either.

Tasting Table recently ranked the best college town food in every state. The list aims to offer food options for those visiting college towns or on a road trip and passing through those towns.

“Whether you're heading off to college for the first time or just looking for a delicious road trip, be sure to study up on the classics. Think places with signs that read Since (insert year your parents were born here)!, landmark ice cream shops and sandwich joints that will fill you up for days,” the people at Tasting Table wrote.

For Utah, Aggie Ice Cream topped the list.

Utah State University’s food science program helps run the Logan ice cream eatery.

Here’s what Tasting Table had to say about the ice cream spot:

“You're practically not allowed to get your diploma until you have a scoop of Aggie blue mint, a school spirit-hued mint flavor with Oreos and white chocolate.”

You can see the full rankings at Tasting Table.

No Utah college campus food ranked within the top 20 list of best campus food dished out by The Princeton Review this week.

But BYU has been celebrating its food and dining culture. The Provo school topped the stone cold sober list for the 20th straight year, as the school’s student body consumes the least amount of alcohol nationwide, according to The Princeton Review.

To celebrate, BYU announced that it will send out golden tickets under their chocolate milk bottles. Whoever finds a golden ticket will be privy to a free year’s supply of chocolate milk.